THE FLOW (featuring lyrics by Da Prophecy)

Chi Town child now a 

Chi Town Prodigy

Knowledge from the streets

Good and Bad memories,

The symmetry, the way I 

Break it down lyrically

Neo Soul Flow through my

Visions I’m Da Prophecy

Young Black Male recognizing the hell

Imma call it how I see it we forgot what’s real

See I took that red pill, woke up 

From a dream, working 9 to 5 - 5 days a week.

As I’m inhaling my weed

Instead repeat when I breathe, exhaling my 

Thoughts, this is the essence of me

A brother still want it all is that

A capital flow? My sea has burned a few

Bridges I admit my wrong

Heard hip hops call, hear my style elevated

were now body and soul, and never segregated, desecrated 

Put it in the hands of the creator

The world has gotten worse now the masses get

To praying, my lyrical cave is just another safe haven

For the ravens qouoting nevermore peace and nevermore safe

Whos cravin to wake up and shake up this new age 

Ignite a new fire, spread a new blaze

C’mon, spread a new blaze

spread a new blaze

spread a new blaze

Put your lighters to the sky and spread a new blaze

Gunshots crack these police lights

Demons on the block at the stroke of midnight

Thought I was in Gotham seeing all these dark knights

So I prayed to god for protection in this fight

Alone in my room contemplating on my death

Feeling no regret when I’m taking my last breath

Tomorrows never promised, best believe I can’t rest

Living for the words, tatted on my chest

Prophecy is here and I’m never gon digress

Shooting for the stars on a mission like Star Trek

Know I’m the best, no need for elections, 

The mental erections like a infection

So selective, we’re given this service, gotcha swerving

twirling, curling like Gervin

I’m slamming this game like Julius Erving

Gotchu start questioning whether if you deserve it

I’m far from perfect, I’m just realer than most

I used to be so ashamed of the stuff that I wrote

But I don’t care anymore so Imma write when I smoke

The flow seem to be the realest when I’m hungry and broke

Still popping my collar rocking my peacoat 

Parading through the brothers hood like a Mardi Gras Float.

And this is my first show so its the first impression,

This is a new chapter in this hip hop section, me

Hip hop Section Me

Hip hop section me

I’m Da Prophecy

MASTER DIVIDER (featuring lyrics by Da Prophecy)

So I was sitting in the Lab, with a pen and a pad

Mind racing to the stars with no fear of the crash

Reflecting on the past, concept is the future

Hip Hop, the Reformation bringing light like

I’m Luther, step into the light, that’s when the masses

Will shoot ya, my time is right now, aint no “un momento”

Its mental, but people always wanna get physical

Tryin to cut your own family, and its umbilical, unconceivable 

Unreadable, lyrics are feastible, we want that soul food,

But the plate is so minuscule, demons now fasting,

Losing some weight, gettin the stuff back into shape, 

man I’m done eating the cake

But my word is it for me, even after I die

When they bury me a G, my eyes will look to the sky

Only heaven up above the music kept me alive

Yeah, the music kept me alive

Lost tribe of shabazz, 

I’m tryin to find myself through the old rhymes

Sadat X, Common, since 1999, Eyes open in the dark but you’re still blind

So now I’m here to spread truth, while the light is lime

I AM Da Prophecy, a black kid philosophically Socrates

Spittin flame like the burning bush

Big Brother still watching, man I’m tired of your looks

Though I’m never shook

I went to College, stole your knowledge, I’m a product

Street scholar, know the work, Money Power Green Dolla

Nothing, its no substance, its like dancing with the devil
to the sound of Donald Trumpet

Losing yourself, going nutty like the Klumps

And professing your wealth, when you’re fueled by corruption

Now let me take you to eat, mental consumption, food for your soul

Lets get your blood pumping’

Vibe with me

I’m bout mad elevation, for the nation

No going back up, pay forward with creation

The music, coming straight from the soul

I free up outer dimensions, cracking DaVinci codes

Its metaphoric, contorted, imma get a little historic

Retrograded in the system

I step inside my Delorean

We orient to pay attention to the signs that 

Black Lives Matter when its only televised

When its only televised

(spoken word by Nonney Oddlokken)

When I was a child, the Spirit Sisters Collectors 

watched from the night trees…

In the Moonshine. 

Changing shape as they jumped from treetop to treetop.

Following me 

to and from the store.

Following me 

from friends’ homes.

Following me 

with my mother. 

Following me

and waiting patiently.

For a child born with such an old soul, 

will surely soon join them.

One morning, I found a dropped human soul

Half hidden in the protruding roots of an oak tree 

Shivering and covered with dew. 

Fearing it will dry up and flake away in the coming scorch,

I wrapped it in screen mesh and twine.

Shaded by the white confetti’s petals,

I hung it on the highest branch 

of their crepe myrtle tree.  

No sense causing a ruckus over such a correctable mishap.