Ole Oddlokken – (Noisewater, Lilli Lewis Project, Remedy Krewe, Will Vance and The Kinfolk) Saxophones, Guitar, Bass, Keys

Phýgment (A.K.A. Britton Newton – (Biscuithound, SleepSinger) Guitar/Sound Design (3, 4)
Brandon Hotard – (Noisewater) Guitar (6, 7)

Haden Winfrey – (John Hayden Collective, Noisewater) Guitar (5, 9)

Wade Hymel – (Lilli Lewis Project, Biscuithound, Dash Rip Rock, Incubators) Drums (2, 3, 6, 8, 11)

Milton Mansfield – (Noisewater, Sierra Green and the Soul Machine) Drums (5, 9, 10)

James Clark – (Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonk Review, André Bouvier and The Royal Bohemians) Drums (4, 7, 12)

Chad Carlile – (Noisewater, Remedy Krewe, Will Vance and The Kinfolk) Piano/Organ (2)

Da Prophecy – Vocals (6, 9)

Larry Bradford – (Henry Turner band, The Gutbucket Blues Band, ) Percussion (2, 5, 6, 12)

Akito Goto – (London Mozart Players, Windsor & Maidenhead Symphony)

Cello (12)

Nonney Oddlokken – Spoken Word (13)

1.    Prologue - Terminal 19

2.    Azure

3.    Velvet Steps

4.    The Stages

5.    Isolation Days

6.    Master Divider

7.    Peninsula Field

8.    Reeds

9.    The Flow

10.    The Peaks

11.    A Picture for Yesterday

12.    When the Sun Set That Night

13.    Epilogue - From the Night Trees

All songs by Ole Oddlokken

Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Ole Oddlokken

At Alces Studio.

*Except electric guitar recorded at Spaceship Mirage Studio by: Britton Newton on “Velvet Steps” & “The Stages”


THE HOME OFFICE SESSIONS is Ole Oddlokken's first solo album (He has appeared on albums by Lilli Lewis Project, Noisewater, Wade Hymel, Will Vance & The Kinfolk and more). Ole returned from visiting his terminally ill mother in Norway in February of 2020 to a country going into lockdown. With gigs being cancelled, Ole started recording at home as a means of a creative outlet.

The songs are inspired by his trip to Norway, his mother's passing, the lockdown, political division and the Hurricane Ida national disaster.


Azure blue sky warmed the crisp wintery hills as my family stood outside the open first-floor hospital window. Inside, in a blonde wood hospital bed, my mom, tired, clasped hands with fingers interwoven, reaching toward her family outside on the bright cold day. Her arms in the shape of an empty hug, yearning to surround her visitors in the sun. My numb image stares back at me, through the screen held up as an unbodied substitution, thousands of miles away. “I love you, Mom!” I say, hoping my words will reach her, with my sister repeating my words for my mom to hear. 

“Are you in pain Mom?”…. “No, no pain now...”

I see that she is tired now... 

“We’re here Mom!” I say by proxy, feeling every inch of the oceanic divide.

“We’re ALL here, and we all love you!”.....

Today, distanced in every way possible. I woke up early, as the funeral began.
Yet again I should have been there…. 

As the oldest child, I should have been there to help carry her.
To be there for my stepdad, siblings, aunts and family. 

Today its real….